Thriplow Farms Annual Report 1974

Prices have remained high this year and yields of wheat have been very good. Barley yields, due largely to the poor performance of Proctor and Berac, have been below average and for this reason we shall not be growing any Proctor next year.  This marks the end of a 21 year period during which Proctor was the mainstay of this and many other East Anglian farms.  We have also decided to cut down on Berac which is being outclassed by some of the newer varieties.  Instead we shall concentrate on Otter, Mazurka and Mink with the two new varieties being Maris Trojan and Aramir, a high yielding feed barley.  As far as the wheat is concerned we shall be growing MarisHuntsman and the two new semi-dwarf varieties, Maris Hobbit and Maris Fundin.

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