Thriplow Farms Annual Report 2002: Aro ergo queror

The second-best wheat harvest ever, record-breaking yields of sugar beet, very good oilseed rape, all of which combined to make a great year. Right? Wrong. We shall probably lose money. Of course I don’t expect any non-farming readers of this report either to believe this or to feel remotely sympathetic. For the last thirty years (most of which have seen unparallelled prosperity for farmers) the National Farmers Union (NFU) has been shouting from the rooftops that British agriculture is in trouble. Now that this really is the case, it is hardly surprising that nobody believes them. The fairy story about the little boy who cried wolf should be pinned up above the desk of all farming leaders. Those who have been reading these reports for the past twenty eight years know that I have never complained about my lot. Au contraire.

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