Thriplow Farms Annual Report 2011: An expansive and expensive year

The year was notable for the expansion of the farm by 100 hectares and dry conditions which reduced our yields by fifteen per cent. The new land, which is in Barrington, is only half a mile from the north end of the farm on the west side of Rowley’s Hill but thanks to the village of Foxton, the A10 and a level crossing, it takes at least fifteen minutes to reach it from the grainstore. The soil is heavier than the rest of the farm and suffers from much worse blackgrass but it is level and easy to farm. It consists of a single block of land amounting to ninety five hectares and small chunk of five hectares surrounded by houses which one day might be developed. In about twenty years we should be able to make profit on it, but in the meanwhile we shall have to sit back and forget that this small chunk of land cost more than the entire two thousand acres with fifteen houses and a full range of grainstores did less than twenty years ago.

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