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This was the weather forecast for today:IMG_4549Luck I bought my rain coat, but could it really be that bad?

It was speckling rain as I left Rosario, heading towards a darkening sky.

Pretty soon “what pretty lightning” turned in to “this is quite heavy rain”

Not long afterwards we got to “Holy crap, where did the road go?”

You can’t quite see it in this video, but there was a car stuck in the junction to the left – it had flooded. Some of the junctions had river over a foot deep running through them. Downtown Parana would be a great theme park if you had an inner tube.

By lunch there had been 109mm, and outside visits were pretty well out of the question. But I did spend a few minutes in a maize field. One of the benefits of no-till is supposed to be better water infiltration, and on the 40% clay vertisol soils they have here, walking in the fields immediately after the rain was no problem. A good demonstration.

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