Almost there…

Here’s my final Nuffield report. Just need to do the presentation in November and I’m free.

3 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. Hi David,

    Very impressive.

    P16 (?) think leeching should be leaching. And there was a stray ‘Where I’ near the start.

    Will you keep your blog going with trial results at Thriplow? Please do!

    Susi Batstone

    • Thanks for that, I’ll see if they can change it for me. Someone else just pointed out that the date on the front page is wrong as well!

      I will continue to write blog posts, just not as often.

  2. Hi David Hope this reaches you as I am on Rocks googler as it is too bloody cold to go to my office!!! Read your report with interest last night and thought, hello this bloke is where I was about 15 years ago, wondering what the hell was ahead of us as farmers!! Interesting times, I think I am on the right track!! And I think you will realise in 6 months that you have had , and I quote your father… This bloke has had a “religious experience”!! It all revolves around the micro life in the soil, not what the “fertiliser” man wants to sell you!! Mother Nature is fairly powerful and if you keep belting her about, she will come back and square things up in her favour very powerfully! Hope all is well at Thriplow, love to Mum and Dad. Cheers Cam and Rocky

    PS. Didn’t realise you had the WCF Scholarship, I was on the 42nd course at Wye College in Kent in 1992 when you where playing with smaller tractors than you are now!!!!

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