Hare coursing and CTF

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and did something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years; I bought a drone. Needless to say, it’s had a busy first 24 hours. I’ve also been playing with a clever website called DroneDeploy. It has an app which sets a flightpath for your drone, taking photos along the way, and then stitching them together into one HUGE image. Like 250 megapixel huge. This morning I thought I would map our field of winter oats, which has suffered some attention from hare coursers all year. Below is a portion of the field – the tramlines are 30m apart for scale. I have adjusted the colours and contrast to make the tracks more visible, you can click on it to enlarge.


It is fairly obvious that coursers aren’t adopting a CTF strategy just yet. And unfortunately the police don’t have a lot of luck rounding them up. Shame DJI don’t fit machine guns to their drones. Yet.

[UPDATE: full field photo here]

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