Chronic Irrigation

We started off the day looking at a field of wheat being sprayed with a fungicide. This seemed like a waste of time to me, as it was bone dry, hadn’t rained for two months, and the crop would be dead in a bout a week. Still, they wanted to do everything. When it came time to fill up again, very sweetly, the booms were given a nice rest by lying them on the floor.


Here are a couple of crops I Wasn’t expecting to see, linseed and peas. Both very much cool season plants, in a hot season climate.

IMG_E0569 IMG_E0570

I think we have an easy farm, this place is another planet. Here’s a rectangular 600ha field of wheat.


These zero-tilled sunflowers looked really good, considering the lack of rain. No problems with compaction that we could see – nice straight roots.


Onto the biggest irrigation project in Russia. They have around 100 pivots, some of which are 480m long covering 129ha of crops each.


This pump house can move 3 tonnes of water every second:


Back in Stravropol there was a first- a black burger which came complete with black latex gloves for eating it with:


And finally another arty farty photo:


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