Thriplow Farms Annual Report XLV – 2018: I want to live like common people

Back in the dim and distant past, I spent the best part of a year ‘working’ on a farm not too far from Cape Town. The farm consisted of 6,000 acres of almost pure soft sand – the kind you might find on an exclusive beach on the Mediterranean coast – which just about supported the growing of wheat, sheep and cattle in their very dry climate. This was back when my interest in farming could be counted on the fingers of zero hands, and so I spent most of my time helping out elsewhere, mostly with the guest house that was also part of the operation. Whilst I never learnt anything at all about agriculture, I did pick up other highly useful skills, in particular an appreciation for G&Ts.

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2 thoughts on “Thriplow Farms Annual Report XLV – 2018: I want to live like common people

  1. Could I ask for a footnote from your father – or even better a comment on the blog post?
    The best of both Worlds; it will also be something for you to reflect on and gives *you* a precedent of right to reply in years to come when you are walking in your fathers footsteps.

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