Thriplow Farms Annual Report XLVI – 2019: Red Numbers

I suppose that as a Last Day, it could have been much worse. With harvest having been rained off the previous day, Saturday July 20th found myself, Sabrina, Elyse & Maddie heading off to London for a peri-harvest outing. First stop was Kulu Kulu, a kaiten sushi place that I’ve been going to since I was a kid, and now my two love it as well. It wasn’t a vintage visit though, as on the weekends there are fewer people in there, so the food sometimes spends longer than ideal on the conveyor belt. My particular favourite thing they make is a prawn tempura and salmon temaki roll, but it must be fresh, otherwise the tempura goes soggy, and the whole thing goes tepid. On this occasion I had spied a few tired examples going round and round (incidentally, that’s what kulukulu means in Japanese), so I ordered one directly from the waiter. Obviously, I thought, he would know that this was my Last Meal, and a fresh temaki would be despatched straight away. I was wrong. He snuck over to the other side of the restaurant where he thought I couldn’t see him, plucked a limp one from the conveyor, and brought it over. Being a feeble Brit, I said thank you, and averted my gaze.

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3 thoughts on “Thriplow Farms Annual Report XLVI – 2019: Red Numbers

  1. David,

    thank you for keeping up the reporting despite your issues at harvest. These are always a joy to read, apart from those about your woes in hospital. I am – as many I suppose- someone who was once in agriculture but no longer. So these sorts of things keep us going.

    When do you think the link between yield and profit- conventional wisdom was that there was a direct correlation between yield and profit- was broken?

  2. A very honest report as ever. My own family have gradually diversified away from farming over the past twenty five years and I can imagine that the business today must be like an endless game of Poker or Risk. I make the contrast to your fathers reports – especially from 40 years ago – the shiny tractor years -. We too have had cause to use the NHS this year for an unforeseen drama. I also met the most honest, caring and dedicated people – Best wishes.

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