***IMPORTANT*** As of 2017 there have been some significant changes to the walking routes on Thriplow Farms due to entering a new Countryside Stewardship agreement with Natural England. Unfortunately the new schemes they run do not allow for the use of grass strips for walking, they are reserved solely for wildlife. This means that there are several paths which have for many years been publicly accessible, but are now no longer available for use. Please take a careful look at the map below to ensure you can stick in the right areas, and not disrupt the nature reserves. For a detailed description of the changes that have taken place in the walking routes from 2005 to 2018, please take a look at this document.

We welcome walkers to Thriplow Farm. There are four public footpaths on the farm, and also some Permissive Access routes along the edges of some fields. Both of these are clearly marked with signs. In addition to this, we allow access on any farm tracks. At the bottom of this page is an interactive map showing all the accessible pathways and tracks on the farm.

As you explore the farm you are curious about what is growing in a particular field, please click here for more details.

Please enjoy the farm and the countryside, but please also follow a couple of rules:

  • All dogs must be kept on leads
  • Stick to the tracks and the marked pathways – most of the grass strips around fields are for wildlife, not for walking on!
  • Cycling is fine, but no motorised vehicles are allowed
  • Horse riding is reserved for customers of the Thriplow Farms Livery Stable